Horacio Tubio artworks


Casablanca, homage to collective memoryCasablanca, homenaje a la memoria colectiva

  • The sign at "Rick's Café" lights up, the plane that carries her away hides behind the back and pops up at the turn of a knob. The tune of "As Time Goes By" can be heard in a music box. Limited edition, made by order.
  • Wood, electric lights, metal and a music box.
  • H 19" W 12" D 6"
  • --

Casablanca... a romantic matinee.Casablanca... un romántico matiné

  • Lámpara musical...
  • Painted wood, music box with "as time goes by" theme, the movie screen lights up.
  • W:12" H:12" D:12"
  • --

Homage to Frida Kahlo and Diego RiveraHomenaje a Frida Kahlo y Diego Rivera

    The figures can be taken out of their environment and played like acrobats.
  • Painted wood. Limited edition, made by order.
  • H 20" W 17" D 6"
  • --

You are in itEstás allí

  • "You are in it", homage to Magritte. the mirror behind the apple allows the observer to see her or his reflection becoming the character in the piece.
  • Painted wood, mirror.
  • H:19" W:18" D: 3"
  • --

The house of wordsLa casa de las palabras

  • Inspired by a text from Uruguayan writer Eduardo Galeano.

  • mixed media
  • 20" x 26" x 4"
  • --

Van Gogh's bedroom in ArlesLa habitación de Van Gogh en Arles

  • A multidimensional depiction of Van Gogh's painting, the clear plexi top is painted with the stary nigth that reflects on the furnished bedroom.
  • painted wood, painted plexi
  • W:20"H:22"D:20"
  • --

Pepa lumpen's tea party in heavenPepa Lumpen

  • Pepa was worn down by the years, she no longer barked and when she tried to walk she fell over. Martiniho the cat came up close and licked her face, Pepa had always put him in his place growling and showing her teeth, but that last day she let herself be kissed. The house went quite empty of her.
  • wood, metal, polymer clay, plexi and Chinese tea pots
  • W:26" H:22"D:6"
  • --

Romeo and JulietRomeo y Julieta

  • It was a… romantic light on the window, it was Verona, it was a window, and it was true love.
  • Textured and painted wood, electric light, sculpted characters
  • H 30" W 15" D 2"
  • --

Above the villageSobre el caserío

  • Inspired by a painting of 1915 "Above the Village"
  • copper,clay,textured wood,wire
  • 19" x 22" x 19"
  • Sold
  • --

Whishing to flyCon deseos de volar

  • In my dream Kitty had bird's legs and wanted to fly, our grandson's name is Gabriel, so, there is the archangel as a flying instructor.
  • Wood, cooper pipes, string, cooper wire, polymer clay and acrylic paints
  • 14" x 22" x 17"
  • --

Gabriel con sirenas y nubesGabriel con sirenas y nubes

  • Gabriel with mermaid and clouds.
  • copper pipe, polymer clay, plexi, steel wire and hand-painted wood.
  • 21" x 19" x 20"
  • Sold
  • --

What ifQué sería si

  • The six windows around the mirror show how the Mona Lisa would have looked if any one of these artists had painted her. Hand painted wood,mirror and paper collage.
  • Wood, Mirror
  • 17" x 22" x 3"
  • --

El Monumento Tango BarEl Monumento Tango Bar

  • Wood, polymer clay, copper pipes wire. One of the kind piece
  • sculpture - mixed media
  • 14" x 18" x 13"
  • Sold
  • --

My apologies to Mark ChagallMis disculpas a Mark Chagall

  • Inspired by Chagall's 1915 painting "L'Anniversaire" a gift to Bella, his wife who at the sight of the piece exclaimed "I feel flying out of the window of love" There is one at the top of my piece.
  • Wood, Mirror
  • 22" x 30" x 3"
  • --

Do cry for me ArgentinaLlora por mi argentina

  • Homage to collective memory
  • textured wood, used bullet she
  • 18" x 30" x 2"
  • Sold
  • --

East of EdenAl este del paraíso

  • It is a piece where Manhattan, the Bible, the Twin Towers, John Steinbeck and James Dean come together.
  • Wood, NY map, wire mesh and plaster
  • H:16"W:12"D:6"
  • --

Forbidden birdsPájaros prohibidos

  • Inspired in a poem by Eduardo Galeano about a political prisoner and a gift of birds from his 5 year old daughter.
  • wood,sand,wire,hand-made paper
  • 34" x 19" x 4"
  • Sold
  • --

Van Gogh's bedroom in ArlesLa habitación de Van Gogh en Arles

  • Inspired by the original 1898 painting, in my version the furniture is on the space and the starry night is the floor.
  • tubing,steel&copper wire,wood
  • 21" x 19" x 18"
  • Sold
  • --


  • Inspired by Eduardo Galeano's poem
  • --
  • " x " x "
  • --


  • From 1976 to 1983 a brutal military dictatorship ruled Argentina, people who thought different were killed o "disappeared". Some were thrown alive from airplanes.
  • --
  • " x " x "
  • --

Casablanca, homage to collective memory

Casablanca... a romantic matinee.

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Homage to Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera

We see Diego Rivera sitting on scaffolding, just as he painted himself in the famous San Francisco Art Institute mural.
He is facing a window with a sketch for a Detroit mural. Above is a winged image of Diego and Frida reveling her crying a tear of blood, a common Mexican expression of unhappiness.
To Diego left, the window of Ideology has a rendition of the May Day Parade painting.
Frida's window on Love, reflects a distant image of her powerful painting that is titled "Frida and Diego in San Francisco", she wears a typical dress from Tehuntepec as she faces her beloved monkeys.
This window on love, can be closed, an action Frida herself should have perhaps considered more often on account of his behavior.
The figures can be taken out of their environment and played like acrobats.
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You are in it

- This piece was used as a prop in the stage design of the motion picture "Liberal Arts". Josh Radnor, 2012 / Esta obra formó parte de la ambientación de la película "Liberal Arts". Josh Radnor, 2012 -

The house of words

Inspired by a text from Uruguayan writer Eduardo Galeano.

Helena Villagra dreamed that the poets were entering the House of Words.  

The words kept in old glass bottles waited for the poets and offered themselves mad with desire to be chosen.
They begged the poets to look at them, smell them, touch them, lick them.  

The poets opened the bottles tried the words on their finger tips and smacked their lips or wrinkled their noses.  

The poets were in search of words they didn't know as well as words they knew and had lost.  

In the House of Words was a table of colors, they offered themselves in great fountains and each poet took the color he needed, lemon yellow or sun yellow, ocean blue or smoke blue crimson red, blood red, wine red.  

Eduardo Galeano

Van Gogh's bedroom in Arles

Pepa's tea party in heaven

Romeo and Juliet

Above the village

Wishing to fly

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Gabriel con sirena y nubes

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What if

El Monumento Tango Bar

My apologies to Mark Chagall

The piece is inspired by a 1915 painting titled "L'Aniversaire." It was a present to Chagall's wife Bella as a thank you for a surprise birthday party she threw for him. They were living in Paris at the time and were very poor, and for that reason the original painting was done on a piece of linoleum that Chagall found on the street. When Bella saw the painting she said "I feel we were going to fly out of the window of love." Her statement provided me with the inspiration to place a window on top of the piece.

Do cry for me Argentina

East of Eden

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Forbidden birds

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Los presos políticos uruguayos
no pueden hablar sin permiso
silbar, sonreír, cantar, caminar
rápido ni saludar a otro preso.

Tampoco pueden recibir dibujos
de mujeres embarazadas, parejas
mariposas, estrellas ni pájaros.
Didasko Perez, maestro de escuela
torturado y preso por tener "ideas
ideológicas" recibe un domingo la
visita de su hija Milay de cinco años.

La hija le trae dibujos de pájaros,
los censores se los rompen a la
entrada de la cárcel.
Al domingo siguiente, Milay le trae
un dibujo de árboles, los árboles no
están prohibidos, y el dibujo pasa.
Didasko le elogia la obra y le pregunta
por los circulitos de colores que
aparecen en las copas de los árboles
'son naranjas, que frutas son?'

La niña lo hace callar: 'sssssssshh'
y en secreto le explica, 'bobo, no ves
que son los ojos de los pájaros que te
traje a escondidas.'

Eduardo Galeano

Van Gogh's bedroom in Arles

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inspired by Eduardo Galeano's poem
Pilar and Daniel Weinberg's son was baptized on the coast.
The baptism taught him what was sacred.
They gave him a sea shell: "So you'll learn to love the water"
They open a cage and let a bird go free: So you'll learn to love the air"
The gave him a geranium: "So you'll learn to love the earth"
And they gave him a little bottle sealed up tight: "Don't ever open it. So you'll learn to love mystery"
Eduardo Galeano

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