Horacio Tubio artworks



My name is Horacio Tubio, I never have very clear what to say when it comes to “stataments”, but I’ll do my best to explain the motivations that drives me to the work I do.The only real statement,I hope,you’ll find it when looking at the work that is in front of you.


Frequently people ask me where I get the inspiration, the real answer most of the time is “desperation”. The subject matter is life or what I can identify as life, hopefully that is represented in the pieces you are looking at.

I wish I could give you definitions of style, genre or school of thought, sorry I don’t have it, maybe when we meet you can help. Need less to say that the simple act of your presence looking at my work is rewarding enough and confirm my suspicions of existence as an artist.

I was born in Argentina where I graduated at the College of Fine Arts and worked at the Opera House at the studio for sculptured stage design under the Maestro Antonio Pujia. My work was sold and exhibited in more than 20 different countries, I am living in Berkeley since 1971.

As far as collaboration I have been working with Kitty Hischier, my wife since 1977.It is very hard to describe the degree of participation, it is enough to say that the work would not be possible without this partnership.

Berkeley, California, 21st century